Basil Chirengendure is a professional Hip Hop dancer, dance instructor and choreographer. Basil is considered as one of the most successful, prolific and outstanding Hip Hop dancer to rise from Zimbabwe. He gained much dancing experience by performing at Zimbabwean national events like NAMA, ZIMA, Miss Tourism, Sports Diner events, etc.

During Zimbabwe’s famous musician Roki s most popular peak period of his career, he, together with Edric and Adrian Professor, helped choreograph most of Roki s performances including his most awarded and popular performance song to date “Chidzoka”. His first most prominent duet act was with African superstar Oliver Mutukudzi.High Definition went on to represent Zimbabwe, performing and choreographing with Cindy Raw for big Brother Africa to thousands of audiences across Africa.

In early 2012, Basil and High Definition became the first dance crew to get an endorsement from Nugget Shoe polish and their images were displayed on a billboard in the leafy northern suburbs of Harare. Basil went further to incorporate two new youthful dancers titled “Junior HD” and formed a duet with the award winning Ballet dancer Christie from Zimbabwe National Ballet. His experimental contemporary act with Christie proved to be popular across cultures and races.

His audio and visual performance sets are produced by Shayzar at Mix Masterz Studios and they both design the artistic direction and concepts for all performances.

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